About WORK

You are not defined by a job description.

You are not defined by the title on your business card. And you are most certinly not defined by your location on the management chart. No. You are defined by the effort and pride that you put into your work. A job is why the floor gets scrubbed. WORK is why it is clean enouggh to eat off of. Do not confuse your job with your work. It is much too important.

We sweat the details.

Every article of clothing is brought to you by one fashion designer, 14 cooton farmers, 24 bleach and dye employees, one pattern maker, four extruding and forming machine operators, three winding twisting and drawing out operators, three sewing machine operators, two lint and loose thread removers, one inspector, two packagers, one distribution labeler, two forklift operators, six truckers, and whoever personally thanked you for buy it.