Well if you're approaching graduation, that dreaded word, J-O-B is probably haunting your nightmares right about now. I remember my advisor graduating me earlier than I expected, and excitedly calling my mother, "I'm graduating, can you believe it?!". "That's great!', she said, "Now get a job!". And there it was, Reality. No more worrying about tests, projects, and professors. Now I was having to worry about the job market, a paycheck, and a boss.

So as I sat there sipping my latte with Cabell and frankly, being quite thankful that these are the kind of things I get to do at my J-O-B, I asked him, how hard is it to get a job in this market?

Sorry guys. Short answer, it's hard. And getting harder every day. So hard, in fact, many people don't end up staying in this industry. I know this personally as I have watched so many of my own friends shift or completely switch careers. Cabell says, ideally if you're the best 10% of what you do, you'll never have trouble finding a job. 10%!?!

So what do you do to close that gap? 

1 - Follow who's getting new business. What agencies are snagging the most new clients? The biggest clients?

2 - Your relationships lead to new relationships. Nurture them. The person you meet tomorrow may be the person who hires you in three years. Don't take those meetings for granted.

3 - Make yourself your own client. Promote yourself and your work, constantly. Update your portfolio on an ongoing basis, and critique it. Constantly strive to improve yourself and your work. Never stop working, even when you're not working.

You studied this kind of work for a reason. Hang on to that passion and remember talent can only shine when teamed with hard work. So be positive, stay focused, and never be afraid of hard work!

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